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Вестник по педагогике и психологии Южной Сибири

Электронный научный журнал с порталом международных научно-практических конференций: «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine» • ISSN 2303-9744 • scientific e-journal • Основан 22 января 2012




●  Eng Eng

 ISSN 2307-7018 (Print), ISSN 2303-9744 (Online)


The bulletin on pedagogics and psychology of Southern Siberia

About journal

The magazine is created on publishing platform RAE Editorial System http://esrae.ru/ (see: http://esrae.ru/list/) and on a server 1Gb (http://bulletinppfdc.1gb.ru/), is the quarterly electronic scientifically-practical edition. The magazine is registered 11/5/2012 in System COPYTRUST - protection of intellectual property, the rights of authors and the adjacent rights. Registration number 07N-4S-SH. For viewing of the status of registration https://www.copytrust.ru/m_register_info.php?sync=true&rid=07N-4S-SH

The magazine is included in Mass communications to Russia [the Constant reference 1; 2], in Open Directory Project (ODP, the Open Catalogue - dmoz), in the White catalogue of sites, is presented in free free access in text-through (.pdf) a format for scientific electronic library with a view of creation of the Russian index of scientific citing (eLIBRARY.RU).

The electronic variant of magazine «the Bulletin on pedagogics and psychology of Southern Siberia» leaves on two platforms: on given (domain) and on a site (domain) of hosting 1Gb.ru * also has the appendix «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine».

The magazine publishes works of an experimental, theoretical and uchebno-methodical direction on various branches of pedagogical and psychological sciences. The magazine is the reviewed electronic proceeding scientifically-practical edition. All materials pass internal reviewing by associate editors (or through reviewing by external experts).

The magazine purpose - maintenance of professional communications between researchers and experts in pedagogics and psychology, representation of results of new psychological researches, introduction of new scientific and applied workings out in practice of work of establishments of formation, attraction of young colleagues to professional dialogue.

The magazine leaves 4 times a year: in March, June, September and December. Depending on the maintenance of an editorial portfolio of number of magazine can be formed on series "Pedagogics", "Psychology" (two releases in a quarter), or leave as separate number-series. The quantity of numbers depends on it in a quarter. Access to all numbers of magazine constant, free and free.

The magazine is based in a year of the thirtieth anniversary of psychological service in Khakassia and the city of Chernogorske, in particular. It also causes also the name of magazine and some part of the maintenance of its publications - propagation and distribution of regional experience.

We invite to cooperation with our magazine of the authors working in the tideway of problems facing modern formation in Russia, the foreign countries, ready to share experience with colleagues teachers and the psychologists working in various branches of psihologo-pedagogical sciences and an expert.

The magazine is opened and for external authors, with a different regional residence permit, including the foreign. First numbers of magazine will leave on a free basis and, probably, in the future, in process of development (volume of reviewed articles and the status of reviewers) a part of numbers will be paid. In any case, the publication of post-graduate students and competitors free, by personal inquiry of post-graduate students and the competitors, arrived to Edition of Electronic scientific magazine «the Bulletin on pedagogics and psychology of Southern Siberia» (with granting of the inquiry from postgraduate study). Edition reserves the right to itself free reviewing and the publication of materials (arrived in its address from teachers and psychologists-experts), representing scientific or scientifically-practical interest.

Rules for authors are described in section «Rules for authors»

Access to magazine and publications free.

E-mail of magazine lchpr@rambler.ru (editor), OtvetSec@ya.ru (the responsible secretary).

The basic sections of magazine (are formed of presence of a material for them);

Column гл. The editor.

Materials on pedagogics.

Materials on psychology.

Materials on medicine.

Uchebno-methodical materials on pedagogics, psychology and medicine.

Scientific archive.

The information, anniversaries and so forth

The visitor of edition.

The editor-in-chief mr.  Leonid F. Chuprov.

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