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Вестник по педагогике и психологии Южной Сибири

Электронный научный журнал с порталом международных научно-практических конференций: «PEM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine» • ISSN 2303-9744 • scientific e-journal • Основан 22 января 2012



Медицинские науки
An optimum food and antiage medicine
Kapitonova Je. K. 1

1. The centre of an improving food (Minsk, Belarus).


In this Article we discuss the problem of optimization and personalization of nutrition within the system of anti-aging medicine. Current opinions on the optimal nutrition and its effect on biochemical processes in the human body, on the role of various components of the nutrition, especially of the microflora and the micronutrients are briefly reviewed. We present the first results of the innovative nutrition assessment and optimization program, which is implemented in a sanatorium. The observation group consisted of 18 people of both sexes with signs of the methabolic syndrome, who participated in the pro-gram. Conditioned by the reduction diet, statistically reliable changes are ob-served in extracellular fluid volume, body fat content, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose. We conclude on the fundamental role of the optimized and the personalized nutrition in the preservation and the build-up of the health potential.

Keywords: anti-aging medicine, optimal nutrition, assessment of nutritional status

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